The Craft Beer Passport: The Best Beer Lovers Gift?



Craft Beer Passport

The Craft Beer Passport is like those Entertainment Books full of vouchers, but for cool people like you and me.

More than that, they give you a great incentive to get out there and try new drinking establishments, breweries, and tasty beers.

You can buy them specifically for QLD, NSW, VIC + TAS, SA, or WA (or all the above if you’re a serious drinker), but before you head off to the Craft Beer Passport website, lets find out how good they are – we asked our fellow beer lovers.

Personally I discovered Heroes and Villains in Osborne Park WA on my first outing. Never been there before, and I live a stroll away at Scarborough Beach (sorry Easterners, I know you don’t get places as cool as our Scarbs). The passport also got me out as far as Busso (Busselton) in SW WA to the legendary Shelter Brewery for a tasty Summer Sour.

Wherever you are in Oz, the Craft Beer Passport is an adventure waiting to happen!

What is the Craft Beer Passport?

Each passport is full of pages detailing Aussie craft breweries for you to visit, along with special offers for you to capitalise on once you’re there – half price tasting paddles, money off takeaway beers, and even money of funky merch.

You’ll even have tips on which beers to taste, plus a little bit of info about the brewery itself.

All you need to do is enlist your wife or tee total buddy to accompany you on this awesome treasure hunt of discovery, and of course drive you.

Why should you buy a Craft Beer Passport (as if you need convincing)?

Now, picture this. You’re an Aussie beer lover, thirsty for some quality brews. This passport is your golden ticket to exploring the best craft beer joints across this wide brown land.

With the Craft Beer Passport, you’ll be chock-a-block with benefits!

First off, you’ll score yourself exclusive discounts and deals at a ripper selection of participating breweries and pubs in the state you live in. Trust me, you’ll be saving some hard-earned dollarydoos while sipping on top-notch beers.

But wait, there’s more!

This little beauty is your guidebook to the local beer scene. You’ll likely discover some breweries you’d never thought of visiting, or never even knew about.

You’ll discover new brews, meet fellow beer nuts, and get the inside scoop on the latest beer events and festivals happening around town.

It’s like having your own personal beer-loving mate, in the form of a passport, pointing you in the direction of pure beer bliss.

And here’s the true blue kicker: by supporting the Craft Beer Passport, you’re not only supporting a really cool Australian company, but the Aussie craft beer community as a whole. You’ll be backing local breweries, helping them thrive, and keep dishing out their true-blue, handcrafted liquid gold!

So why would you not! The Craft Beer Passport is such a good idea, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t bought one already. They’re literally, like, around $50 or $60 bucks, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Why not buy a Craft Beer Passport as an ultimate beer gift?

This is such an overlooked beauty of a gift for your love one. Especially if they’re a bloke.

So if you’re looking for a gift which is affordable, unique, useful, and also the instigator of amazing beer adventures, then this has to be it – the Craft Beer Passport!

Just add a bow!

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