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  • Malt in Beer

    Malt in Beer

    Malt is the body and soul of beers. It provides the raw material for the yeast to act upon and give the beer its flavours to compliment the hops. It is also the main source of the colour of the beer, and depending on the types and amount of each malt used the colour can…

  • What is IPA?

    What is IPA?

    Almost every craft beer drinker has wondered what exactly goes into an IPA, and most of them have probably had a pint or three. Find out the answers to these questions and more in this article.

  • The Beer Brewing Process

    The Beer Brewing Process

    Let’s take a brief look at the beer brewing process, and how traditional methods are combined with modern process control equipment.

  • Ales vs Lagers

    Ales vs Lagers

    You may find yourself wondering what the difference is with ales vs lagers. Perhaps you’ve wondered why ales are favoured by the senior vs lager by those younger amongst us. Any ale drinker will tell you they’re brewed for flavour. The colder temperature of a lager detracts from flavour, which is why they’re not as…

  • Styles of Beer

    Styles of Beer

    Imagine you’re in a bar, and your dream girl is sitting there, alone, drinking a porter. You want to strike up a conversation, right, and best way forward is to impress her with your knowledge of the many styles of beer, their history, and interesting facts? After all, your future happiness depends on it! Do…

  • Beer Metrics

    Beer Metrics

    Ever wanted to know how many litres in a keg of beer in Australia? Or better yet, how many beers do you get out of a keg? Perhaps you’re interested in excise rates of Australian beer, which somewhat explains the cost implications for microbreweries who produce smaller keg sizes. Welcome to the Beer Metrics FAQ!

  • Beer ingredients

    Beer ingredients

    What are the main beer ingredients, and why? There’s only four – water (yep, the wet stuff), malt, hops, and yeast. But it’s not as simple as that!

  • What is XPA?

    What is XPA?

    XPA (eXtra Pale Ale) is a beer style becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It has an appealing golden colour, and a surprisingly full flavour for such light beer. Find out more here!

  • Types of beer glasses

    Types of beer glasses

    There are more types of beer glasses than you would imagine, so here’s a rundown of some of the main types of glasses and why they’re used for different styles of beer.