Hitting Moving Targets: Like Chasing Caffeinated Squirrels



Funny Ways to Say Hitting a Moving Target

During the usual Friday arvo’s skip-off-work-and-hit-the-pub jaunt we found ourselves talking about “hitting moving targets”, or funny alternative phrases to say the same.

Trying to pin jelly to the wall came up first, but after a few beers we’d jotted down some winners.

There are many day-to-day events where achieving a goal or completing a task is particularly challenging due to constant changes or uncertainties.

Here’s a few:

  • Work Deadlines – Anyone who works in an office or building site will know too well how requirements are always changing, deadlines get pushed forward, or your boss keeps pressuring you to do more in less time?
  • Parenting – If you’ve had a kid, like I have, you’ll know how challenging it is dealing with their ever-changing needs and demands? What works today probably won’t work tomorrow.
  • Health and Fitness Goals – Getting in shape is a constant moving target, especially as we get a bit older. For me it’s been a decades long mental struggle, with dwindling energy levels, increased pressure from the boss (see point 1), and pressure from our kid (see point 2). If keeping in shape isn’t a moving target, I don’t know what it.
  • Personal Finances – I bet when you came out of school or Uni you planned to have a flash car and big house by the age of 30. Anyone over the age of 30 knows too well how that target keeps moving – the most elusive target of all!
  • Navigating Sydney Traffic – Ever been late for work, late home for dinner, or late for a date. Navigating traffic in Sydney is like trying to hit a moving target trying to reach a destination in time.

Hitting some of those targets is like trying to high-five a hummingbird…

Anyways, if you’re looking for a funny way to say “hitting a moving target”, below you’ll find our top 5. Below that you’ll find our complete list of 20 hilarious sayings.

Top 5 Ways of Saying “Hitting a Moving Target”

Feel free to use “Trying to” or “Like” – they’re totally interchangeable, so don’t worry.

Trying to Hug a Tornado

Tornadoes are totally unpredictable, with unpredictable twists and turns, and quite frankly dangerous.

Ever tried to hug a tornado?

Trying to Play Whack-a-Mole on Roller Skates

Remember the classic arcade game “Whack-a-Mole”? Smacking mechanical moles popping out of holes?

Imagine trying to play it wearing roller skates.

Now imagine your boss trying to do it. How funny is that?

Trying to Catch a Roadrunner on Red Bull

We all know the iconic cartoon where Wile E. Coyote fails endlessly to catch the elusive roadrunner. I doubt Red Bull would allow it, but imagine Wile E. Coyote pumped up with the caffeine and other stimulating substances in Red Bull?

Trying to Swat Flies with a Sledgehammer

Trying to hit a tiny fly with a massive sledgehammer is the epitome of overkill. You’ll likely destroy your home before hitting that elusive f*cker.

I have one on top of my laptop as I write this – how ironic is that – but thankfully I don’t have a sledgehammer.

I’ll use my deodorant aerosol instead…

Trying to Chase Caffeinated Squirrels

This is my absolute favourite, simple because squirrels are friggin’ hilarious anyway.

Picture a squirrel on caffeine, darting through trees with lightning speed, leaving you utterly bewildered?

This one’s definitely on par with the deadline my boss gave me this week – utterly hilarous.

More Funny Phrases for “Hitting a Moving Target”

Here’s the entire list we made of how to say “Hitting a Moving Target” in the most hilarious way possible:

  • Trying to catch a greased pig
  • Like nailing jelly to a wall
  • Chasing a squirrel on caffeine
  • Shooting at a dancing shadow
  • Attempting to high-five a hummingbird
  • Hunting a hyperactive cheetah
  • Like playing whack-a-mole on roller skates
  • Trying to hug a tornado
  • Going after a nimble ninja
  • Like trying to tag a lightning bolt
  • Attempting to staple a breeze
  • Chasing a roadrunner on Red Bull
  • Swatting at a fly with a sledgehammer
  • Trying to lasso a shooting star
  • Hitting a bullseye on a bull with a hornet’s nest
  • Like playing darts with a live fish
  • Attempting to catch a bouncy castle
  • Shooting at a rubber duck in a river
  • Trying to hug a hyperactive toddler
  • Like aiming for a moving target on a roller coaster

Got any more? Let us know in the comments below!

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