Horny hubbie? How an Australian craft beer gift pack can fix all your “headaches”!



Best craft beer gift packs Australia

Are you tired of making up excuses when your husband is horny? There’s literally no better way to keep him happy, occupied, and off your back than a craft beer gift pack.

You’re probably wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner?

Did you know a regular Aussie bloke values a craft beer gift pack as much as you would value a dozen red roses and a diamond ring?

I’m not joking. I had that fact checked.

An Australian craft beer gift pack is the bestest of bestest gifts you can buy your fella, and the easiest way to make him love you.

Don’t worry if you’re not as clued up on craft beer as he is, allow me to offer my expertise in finding the best craft beer gift pack whatever your budget.

I’ll tell you the pros and cons, and exactly how each gift pack would suit your craft beer-loving husband.

Let’s start with some top recommendations from leading Australian beer stores!

#1 The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift Pack (Approx $200)

This has to be the best when it comes to Australian craft beer gift packs.

Yes, it costs $200, but you get a whole load of the hottest craft beers in Australia, specially selected by Beer Cartel.

Feast your eyes:

The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift Pack in Australia
Top Pick: The Ultimate Craft Beer Gift Pack in Australia!

This amazing craft beer gift back was put together based on a consumer poll of our favourite craft beers, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best of the best.

What you get for your money is an amazing mix of 24 top brands of Australian craft beer (2 cans of each), and most importantly – you’re buying happiness!

Beer Cartel have a flat rate shipping fee which varies by location, around $10.

#2 Special Occasion Craft Beer Gift Packs (Between $150 and $200)

Our number two pick is available from Brewquetsfor any occasion!

Brewquets offer a fantastic range of craft beer gift packs for an anniversary, congrats on becoming a Dad, #1 coach, and regular stuff like congratulations or thinking of you.

No matter the occasion, they have you sorted.

The best gift packs are those with 24 specially chosen craft beers. They work out a lower ABV on average to the Ultimate Craft Beer Gift Pack above, but they’re all top choices from a variety of leading Aussie craft breweries.

Here’s the special birthday craft beer pack on offer:

Special Occasion Craft Beer Gift Pack
Pick 2: A Birthday Craft Beer Gift Pack!

How cool is that? With such a vibrant “Happy Birthday” it saves you forking out a ridiculous 8 bucks on a birthday card!

You can even add a special birthday message at checkout, which can be “Hey darls, I bought you a gift this year to show how much I really love you xxx”.

You probably already recognise most of those craft beers, so you know you’re on the right track with this one.

Added pro: This is a beer gift basket with free shipping.

Best Craft Beer Gift Pack on a Budget (Under $100)

The Top 10 Tinnies pack from Craft Cartel is a fantastic mix of craft beers of various styles. I actually think this is the best selection for anyone, and the Beer Scorecard is a really nice inclusion for jotting down why each beer is good!

Best Craft Beer Gift Pack on a Budget
Pick 3: Best budget craft beer gift pack

With this craft beer gift pack you get what Craft Cartel consider the top 10, and they’re pretty spot on. There’s some of the best pale ales, a couple of hazys, the popular Colonial sour, and a session ale for the morning after.

You’ll find excellent consumer reviews for this one, both on the beers and price!

What more could you need in a craft beer gift pack?

Note: You’ll need to factor in $12 for next day delivery if you want it asap.

Final thoughts on craft beer gift packs

I really want to make sure you get the best from these craft beer gifts, so I’ll update this list as and when necessary. If you buy one of these as a gift, make sure you come back and let me know how you found it. Pros and cons (if any!)

Any feedback you have on the different retailers is also welcome. I’ve chosen some of the most popular online beer sellers who’ve shown to be reliable with great delivery times.

What Australian craft beer gift pack do you recommend?

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