The Great Australian Beer Stubby!



I think it is about time we payed our respects to the little appreciated but well deserving beer vessel, for without it Beer would prove tricky to drink, and store in the fridge for those hot summer days.

The beer stubby!

A Stubby Little History

Originally (middle ages) most beer was stored in barrels, similar to wine, and were tapped and gravity poured.

With the rise in technology and industrialisation, bottles became widely available. Often the same bottles were used for wine and had corks.

Back when Australia was colonised and settled, the first beer brewed was stored in either barrels or bottles, and those bottles were generally around 750ml (approx 23oz).

Deposits were paid on the purchase of beer bottles and refunded on the return of the bottle for re-using.

This sometimes inconvenient method of selling mass amounts of beer gave rise to two new technology developments in 1930′s – the beer can and beer stubby.

The Beer Can and the Beer Stubby.

Both of these fantastic inventions allowed us to purchase a small amount of beer, take it home and store it before being drunk when ready and with no need to worry about returning the packaging.

Who wants to return beer packaging anyway?

The beer can and beer stubby were widely applauded as a great achievement. Understandably.

The reason we ended up with two different methods instead of one or the other is that beer tastes different in cans as it does in bottles.

How many calories in a beer stubby?

You would be surprised how many beer drinkers are conscious of calories. I know I am despite my love of beer.

The calorie content of a beer can vary based on factors such as alcohol content, ingredients, and brewing methods.

The number of calories in an average beer stubby (a shorter, 12-ounce or 355 ml bottle of beer) will vary depending on the type and brand of beer, but you can expect between 100 and 200 calories.

Some beers may have fewer calories, particularly light beers and low alcohol beers, not that you would want to drink these excuses for brews (unless you’re driving and on a diet).

The calories in light beers can range from 90 to 110 calories per 12-ounce bottle.

Craft beers or higher-alcohol beers typically have more calories, sometimes exceeding 200 calories per bottle. You may need to ask the brewery or view their website for a better idea of calories in their beers.

Australian Beer Sizes

After plenty of experimentation a few standards begun to emerge, the 750ml ‘Long neck’ stayed the beer size of choice for many people as it is cheaper and still is for some, however the popularity of the 375ml beer stubby eventually surpassed the Long neck.

Now there is a trend toward the 330ml, 345ml & 355ml beer stubbies, especially in the premium beer range. However, while this may not favour the budget beer drinker, for the brewer it is fantastic – it means they are selling a smaller volume for a larger price.

While the smaller bottles are becoming trendy and fashionable, they alienate some drinkers who are serious about drinking from a stubby with a stubby holder!

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