How to open beer without a bottle opener?



How to open beer without a bottle opener

So, picture this: you’re at a bonza backyard barbie, surrounded by your cobbers, and the esky is packed to the brim with cold, frosty brewskis.

But guess what?

Some drongo forgot to bring a bottle opener!

Panic sets in, right?


We’ve got your back, fellow beer lovers! This article is your go-to guide for those moments when a bottle opener is as elusive as a Tasmanian Tiger – we’re gonna show you how to crack open a cold one without breaking a sweat (or your teeth, we promise).

So, grab your stubby holder, put on your best thongs (the Aussie kind), and let’s dive into the ultimate survival guide for Aussie beer lovers who refuse to be defeated by a stubborn bottle cap.

It’s time to learn how to pop that top and enjoy your amber nectar, even when the trusty bottle opener is nowhere in sight.🍻


Opening a beer with a helicopter is an unusual but daring feat. Please note that attempting this may be dangerous, and it’s recommended to leave such stunts to trained professionals in controlled environments.


Really the second best thing due to availability, where there is beer there are usually lighters.

It’s not very original, but to open a beer with a lighter use the lighter as a lever to pop off the cap:

Another Beer

Unless you’re down to the last beer in the fridge, this method of opening another beer is one of the most readily available options.

You can open a beer with another beer by using the edge of one bottle cap to pry off the cap of the other:


Another readily available tool for the resourceful ones among us. However it is not very cool, and can be tricky.

Opening a beer with a pen involves using the pen’s sturdy end as a makeshift lever to pop off the bottle cap:


Very cool if you pull it off, but dangerous both for the beer and the drinker.

You can open a beer with a knife by carefully wedging the blade under the bottle cap and applying pressure to pop it off:


Very original and resourceful, but not good for impressing the ladies if it’s a wedding ring. Or your wife for that matter.

To open a beer with a ring, use the ring’s edge to catch the cap’s lip and leverage it off the bottle:


A very handy option especially for those times when you realise you forgot the bottle opener after you sit down.

Opening a beer with a computer keyboard is not recommended as it can damage both the keyboard and the beer bottle, and possibly upset your boss if you’re using company property. Not that you care:


Readily available, resourceful, little effort and you keep your cool.

You can open a beer with keys by using the edge of a key to pry off the bottle cap, making sure not to damage the key in the process:


A little nerdy but if you still have CDs this method of opening beer looks tricky, skillful, and impressive.


Again, the paper method is a bit nerdy, but no one will believe you if you say you can do it before you show them.

Opening a beer with paper is challenging but can be done by folding a sturdy piece of paper and using it to apply pressure to the cap’s edge until it pops off:


Opening a beer bottle with a chainsaw is the manliest method of all, but as a disclaimer don’t be f**king stupid enough to try this at home.

Or anywhere.

Especially when drunk.

Very cool though:


Attempting to open a beer with breasts is neither practical nor advisable, and it’s important to prioritise safety and responsible drinking practices.

However, opening a beer with breasts is hands down the best way to open a beer… and a great reason to throw away the bottle opener in the first place.

This should be the standard method for opening beer everywhere:

Do you know any other ways to open beer without a bottle opener?

We hope you’ve found this guide to opening beer without a bottle opener both informative and entertaining.

But here’s a question for all you beer aficionados out there: Do you know of any other ingenious methods or tricks for cracking open a cold one when the traditional bottle opener is nowhere in sight?

Share your tips, stories, or even your craziest beer-opening experiences with us in the comments below.

After all, when it comes to beer, innovation knows no bounds! 🍻

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