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Choosing a good wedding cocktail signature drink

Sparkling wine, wine and beer are the standard beverages to be found at most weddings. They all have a purpose of course; celebration, matching with food, pleasing the crowd, it pretty much goes without saying your guests will be happy with wisely selected choices.

When we plan our wedding, we’re all looking for ways to stand out and make our celebrations exceptional, not just for us, but for our guests. After all, it’s time to impress!

If you’re a bride or groom to be, then you won’t impress without a good wedding cocktail, or better yet, a signature cocktail!

They’re such a memorable statement of style!

But, are you asking yourself – how do I choose? There’s literally thousands of cocktails and variations out there!

I’ve helped plan many weddings, and have some great tips to help you decide. So how do you choose a good wedding cocktail? Let me help!

What makes a good wedding cocktail?

Here are my top four tips on choosing a good wedding cocktail. Hopefully, with these tips in mind you’ll be well on your way to impressing your guest’s with your beautifully selected signature drink!

#1 Get the colour right!

Perhaps you have chosen a colour-related theme for your wedding, it might be reflected in bridesmaid dresses, flowers, reception table decoration.

The signature cocktail could come along for the ride, colours are virtually endless, created from fruit, liqueurs, garnishes, and glassware.

#2 Choose the right spirit (pun intended!)

You’re probably already half way there choosing the right signature cocktail for your wedding. The reason – you already know the season!

In cold weather, perhaps a warming spirit, like scotch, dark rum (spiced?), or cognac.

To cool down and refresh, start with white rum, vodka, gin or tequila.

The base spirit could also work to a theme, for instance Caribbean nights with rum, Gatsby sophistication with gin, Mexican fiesta with tequila!

#3 Get the method right (cost saving tips herein!)

Consider the cocktail preparation method and how that will work with your plans and budget.

To provide handmade individual cocktails for a crowd can be labour intensive and expensive, but also cool and classy. But don’t worry though, as you can cut costs.

Pre-mixing a large batch of your chosen wedding cocktail, and pouring on demand is potentially quicker and more efficient (think fruit based punch, sangria or the classic Pimms Cup).

#4 Pièce de résistance

My guess is you want to impress your guests with your suave and sophisticated style? After all, it’s your big day and this is your time to show everyone how cool and classy you are.

By now, hopefully, you have some idea of what you want your signature cocktail to be. You’ve already picked the colour, theme, and spirit, haven’t you?

Now for the final touch…

The classiest way to serve your wedding cocktail to your guests is in small bottles, or mason jars. Not only does this keep the costs down, it works well and looks smart – good things come in small packages!

Your wedding meal will likely come in small courses, such is fine dining, so serving up small cocktails is the perfect accompaniment.

The last thing needed for a good wedding cocktail is a nice label, a memento of your special day!

Further thoughts on picking a good wedding cocktail

I really hope these tips have given you some guidance. If they have, then let me know in the comments what you’ve decided on for your signature cocktail.

Better yet, if whatever you’ve picked is a hit at your wedding, come back and tell others about it!

After all, picking a good wedding cocktail is one of the most important decisions for your wedding day!

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