Fat Yak Pale Ale Review



Fat Yak Pale Ale Review

Name: Fat Yak Pale Ale

Brand: Fat Yak

Brewer: Matilda Bay Brewing Company

Type: Ale

Style: Pale Ale

Region: South East Australia

Alcohol/vol: 4.7%

Volume: 345ml

Brewers Description

Fat Yak first impresses with its golden colour, distinctive, hop driven, fruity and herbaceous aromas, giving characteristic passionfruit and melon notes, followed by a whack of hop flavour at the finish. The taste is refreshingly clean on the palate. Fat Yak is engineered in the Garage Brewery from natural ingredients, including premium malts, American Cascade hops and a hint of New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops. Enjoy any time of year.

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