Our New Specialty Beer, ‘Phil’s ‘Keller’ Pils’ is Now on Tap, 1st September 2016

Our New Specialty Beer, ‘Phil’s ‘Keller’ Pils’ is Now on Tap, 1st September 2016

Very Small Batch Brew #OneKegOnly – Enjoy it while it lasts.

ABV / 5.5% . IBU / 37 . EBC / 5

‘Phil’s Pils’ belongs to Phil Brandenburg – Phil won Champion Beer of Show at the WA State Amateur Competition 2015 for his Pilsner, an outstanding achievement given generally more palate affronting “big” beers often hold sway. More delicate and elegant beers are notorious for not being so easy to brew – if something is out of place, there is nothing to hide behind. The prize for his success was to brew out the recipe at The Monk and have it sell on tap for public consumption. Given a number of factors – primarily our limited brew-length and 2016 being the 500th anniversary of the German Purity Law – we have decided to present the beer ‘Keller’ style. Traditionally ‘Kellerbier’ – or cellar beer – is an unfiltered, low effervescent lager, originating from the northern parts of Bavaria, often the unfiltered version of the breweries ‘house’ lager. ‘Phils Keller Pils’ shows lovely malt depth, reminiscent of a number of prominent Czech lagers, and a distinctive lemony hop vein running through the palate. A yummy Spring beer – if only the sun decides to shine.