Monk Saison Szechuan and Lime

ABV: 6% | IBU 35

Saisons are essentially a Belgian Pale Ale, originating from Wallonia, a French-speaking region of Belgium, and are classified as a ‘farmhouse’ ale. Saisons were originally a lower alcohol beer served to farm workers during summer (these lower alcohol versions are referred to as ‘Grisettes’- we are bringing forward our version for the summer months) as a quenching refresher. Over the years, the ABV (alcohol %) has progressively increased, and the flavour profile has morphed as well, such that modern Saisons can typically approach 7% ABV and can present as dry, earthy and spicy, through to fruity and ethereal.

The Monk Saison is designed to be, first and foremost, a quenching and refreshing summer beer. Utilising a cooler ferment, we are seeking to produce a drier and spicier expression, avoiding higher alcohols and maximising ‘sessionability’, while still retaining the ‘fruity’ notes produced by the unique Belgian yeast strain. Over the summer we are going to produce a variation on the theme – a spiced Szechuan and Lime version. Szechuan is noted for a unique citrus perfume after light ‘toasting’.