‘Belgian Blonde Mango Ale’

ABV: 6% | IBU 32

‘Stay in the Boat’ Belgian Mango Ale deviates away from music for its naming inspiration to reference one moment – amongst so many – from arguably one of, if not the, greatest movie ever made – ‘Apocalypse Now’….certainly this brewers favourite movie!!!!

Our ‘Stay in the Boat’ Belgian Mango Ale is an uncomplicated Belgian Blonde Ale, matured post-primary ferment on a “bed” of 60kg of unfiltered mango puree’. Belgian yeasts are renowned for producing distinctive fruity ‘notes’ – often notably stone-fruit accented – so the opportunity to enhance this character with a favourite summer fruit was inviting. The mango went through a subtle secondary fermentation while the base beer rested on ‘lees’, taking the edge off its notable sweetness….nothing remains to be said other than ‘lets go DRINK some mango’s’ ;-)