‘Cashmere’ IPA

ABV: 6.5% | IBU 55

Experimental Single Hop 1

The first, in what will ideally be a regular inclusion, of experimental single batch beers showcasing the characteristics of new hop varieties as they come to market. Numero Uno is a single hop Cashmere IPA.

In The Lab

The specs for Cashmere suggest it is a dual purpose hop, but apparently shines when utilised in such a manner to highlight flavour and aroma…so is ideal for Pale Ale/IPA applications. Aroma and flavour analysis indicate notable and “complex lemon, lime and peach notes” with secondary hints of “lemongrass, candy and herbs”… a rather unusual and intriguing profile.

In The Glass

Tastings from tank present a more elegant and refined expression for the Pale Ale/IPA style, as might be expected given the suggestion of a more linear and elegant citrus profile. Lime and lemon blossom presents, almost reminiscent of Great Southern Riesling. The aromatic profile is definitely more subtle with no obvious ‘resiny/oily’ hop dankness, instead replaced by a far more ethereal and delicate perfume that looked very attractive from tank. This flows to the palate supported by discernible grassy and herbal ‘pithy’ palate profile.

….but now the journey is yours to consider

Food Pairing Suggestion Something Spicy – try with the Monks Portuguese Chicken Wings or the Kangaroo Bite