Small Batch

Brewed In-House

Our Award Winning Beer and Farmhouse Cider is produced in our Small Batch Fremantle Brewery.

Monk Beer Production
We start with Water. We mash into a mash tun, drain the liquid from the mash via our Lauter Tun (also the Mash tun). Bring to the Boil and mash out. Throw in hops. Whirlpool it and Transfer to Tanks where it sits for approx. 2 weeks as the yeast turns into beer. After Fermentation, the yeast settles into the cone portion of the fermenter until we deem ready. The Beer is transferred to our bright tanks, the beer is then carbonated and kegged and usually tapped immediately so its fresh (in fact it only travel 20m in its whole lifetime)…now that’s fresh!