Monk German Altbier IPA

Beer Details
  • ABV: 6.2%
  • IBU: 40
  • OG: 13.1
  • FG: 2.2
  • Grains: JW Signature, Munichs, Vienna
  • Yeast: US 05
  • Hops: Loral, German Amarillo
  • Availability: Seasonal

Altbier is a sentimental favourite for our brewer. Indigenous to the Rhineland city of Dusseldorf, this is a style not seen in Australia as the Alt brewers package their beer in a traditional manner and have no predilection to export. Perhaps best understood as a German version of Brown Ale, it is both a reflection of pre-industrial beer AND a refusal to be seduced by the all – consuming predilection with lager . . . in every sense of the word an “iconoclastic” beer style.

The Monk German Alt IPA is a beer in two halves: the malt bill is ‘classic’ in composition and brewed, on the process side, as authentically as is possible on a ‘single infusion’ kit. The result is a moderate to full palate almost akin to an Anzac biscuit. The hopping regime is the twist . . . a completely new German hop – a cross breed of US Amarillo – is applied as per a US style IPA. Alts can present as quite bitter in Germany – not aromatic – so we’ve pushed the boundary by judicious dry-hopping to see how the German grown aroma hop works within an age-old style. The call is yours to make . . .