Monk Belgian Berry Brune

Beer Details
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • IBU: 27
  • Availability: Seasonal

Our ‘Monk Belgian Berry Brune’ has been produced to welcome in our autumnal season…. as the days begin to shorten, and a gentle coolness gradually permeates either end of the day, the pleasure derived from imbibing more malty, complex and hearty beer styles increases.

Our first foray for 2019 is a smooth and creamy Belgian Brune (or Dubbel)! The malt bill for this beer is designed to accent milk chocolate (ideally the creamy subtle richness of Belgian milk chocolate) layered with restrained notes of dried dark fruits. Complementing this – the intent being to acknowledge how gentle and delicious our autumn can be – is a judicious addition of pure strawberry puree, added post primary ferment while the beer was ‘resting’.

The result is a ‘beery’ version of a continental chocolate and strawberry swirl ice-cream, all elements entwined elegantly together ……but you judge for yourself.