“RED HEFE” : Holiday HefeWeizen

“RED HEFE” : Holiday HefeWeizen

ABV: 4.8

IBU: 13

EBC: 19

Once upon a time, and not so long ago, wheat beers in various guises were a staple of the craft brewing industry……. but time never stands still, and beer styles too, move in and out of vogue!!

With this well in mind, and remembering that wheat beers not only turned a lot of people on to craft beer, but are a particularly good warm weather quaff in themselves, we have brewed a take on Bavarian HefeWeizen but with a few subtle variations. ‘Hefe’s’ are often most notable for distinctive yeast derived banana and clove aromatics and a forward fruity palate, hallmarks of a warmer ferment profile; however, if fermented cool a distinctive (and perhaps more enticing) profile of apple cake and cream replaces the more overt fruit and spice notes. Furthermore, by using ‘red wheat’, a sparing touch of a Belgian specialty malt, and an unusual hop portended to carry hints of red fruits, the ‘Red Heffa’ displays a mixture of gentle tartness (even a hint of fresh rhubarb with cinnamon), a whiff of cherry and touches of dried fruit…….a summer dessert perhaps??