A Tale of Two Belgians 🍻

A Tale of Two Belgians 🍻


Belgium-style beers made a renaissance this Summer, quickly claiming a spot in the hearts of Monk fans.

Monk Saison was the first cab off the rank, wowing us all with its earthy, spicy and fruity tones. That might sound like a mouthful, but Monk Saison is a well-balanced and highly refreshing beer. Inspired by a style traditionally brewed for Belgium’s summer harvesters, Monk Saison is extremely easy-to-drink…. especially on those balmy afternoons on The Monk’s terrace 🍻

The other Belgium-style beer to debut on our taps this Summer was Monk Grisette. Considered the “Little Brother” of the Saison, it shares many of those rustic farmhouse flavours, while being lighter and lower in strength.

These more exotic flavours are sitting nicely beside our long-standing staple brews this Summer. That includes Monk Common Ale (lighter & lager-inspired), and Monk Extra IPA (BIG on flavour & BIG on aroma, just like its American craft beer cousins).

And although we not entirely ready to think about Winter juuust yet, we’re pretty excited about the cosy cold-weather beers Mal, our Head Brewer, has in the pipeline. More about that later – first, need to come down to The Monk and enjoy this Summer selection while stocks last!