Our Monk Grisette is now on tap

Monk Grisette | NEW ON TAP

Light Bodied Ale, Sessionable, Aromatic

Grisette is a style originating from the Hainaut Province of Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium. Grisette is often referred to as a “table Saison”, primarily due to its regional association with Saison and being lower in alcohol (hence the “table” or “session” reference). However, this is somewhat an injustice – Grisette is linked to the coal mining centres of Hainaut. Like the farmers, the miners too used beer as refreshment and sustenance, but their beer was lighter in alcohol and body and cleaner in taste.

Our version is intended as a contemporary take on the style. Light in body and colour and alcohol to enhance quenching refreshment, a percentage of unmalted wheat and oats forms part of the ‘malt-grist’ to ensure mouthfeel and texture is retained. Delicate hints of spice and citrus fruit reflect a cooler ferment with Saison yeast, while restrained dry-hopping with Australian ‘Galaxy’ hops provides a perfumed hint of tropical aromatics. A beer unashamedly intended for long hot Perth summer days (and nights)…..refreshing, quenching and sessionable!