Every Kid Deserves A Gift This Christmas

Every Kid Deserves A Gift This Christmas


SANTA’s Fremantle elves have been busy organising gifts for underprivileged children around the world.

The Monk Brewery & Kitchen embraced the festive spirit early this year – by filling shoe boxes with gifts for children in cities, villages and slums who would have otherwise gone without on Christmas Day.

The initiative was part of ‘Operation Christmas Child’, a charitable organisation that is now in its 28th year.

Angela Brooking, Business Manager says the team filled each child’s box with a variety of practical and fun gifts, including school pencils and personal hygiene items, dolls, and fun outfits. Although the exact identity of the recipient is not known in advance, each gift is distributed according to gender and age.

The team then met before opening time on a Sunday morning last month to package the gifts and prepare messages to wish the recipient a merry Christmas. The team also covered the delivery cost of each box to reach its destination in time for Santa’s visit.

In addition, the Cappuccino Strip establishment acted as a collection point for members of the wider community who wanted to support Operation Christmas Child.

Approximately 100 million gift-filled boxes have been sent to children around the world since the Operation Christmas Child was launched in 1990. It began as a direct response to the plight of children in Romanian orphanages and, over the years, boxes have been sent to innocent children in their time of need, including those caught in modern conflicts such as the Balkan War and the Chechen Crisis.